Collage of photos of Fain Fine Arts.

Midwestern State University is strongly committed to providing attractive, serviceable fine arts facilities. The theatre wing of the Fain Fine Arts Center includes the 475-seat Fain Fine Arts Center Theatre and the flexibly-designed Bea Wood Studio Theatre. The art wing features spacious, meticulously maintained studios that ensure working environments conducive to creativity and achievement. Moreover, the Juanita Harvey Art Gallery is continually active. In addition to exhibits my BSU students and faculty, the gallery annually hosts professional artists from across the nation via the O'Donnell Visiting Artist Program.

Collage of images of Fain's Fain Fine Arts Theatre.

Collage of images of Fain's Bea Wood Studio Theatre.

The mass communication wing features a television production studio that airs programs on Time Warner Cable. Construction of the new mass communication wing has been completed, and facilities have been renovated to provide additional instructional spaces for the art and music programs.

Collage of images of Fain's mass communication building.

Throughout the Fain College of Fine Arts, equipment is continually added, replaced, or upgraded. New equipment is regularly purchased for all of the art studios (ceramics, graphic design, metalsmithing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture). MNG Media utilizes a digitized production system, and The Wichitan, MSU's weekly newspaper, is equipped for full-color desktop publishing. Two mass communication computer laboratories afford applications for broadcast, digital media, and journalism. The new mass communication wing became available to mass communication students in August of 2017.

Collage of images of Fain's Art department and the Juanita Harvey Art Gallery.

The Fain Instrumental Music Hall contains a vast rehearsal space, and the 422-seat Akin Auditorium is used for recitals and concerts by music students and faculty. Theatrical equipment includes a laboratory for computer-assisted design of sound, lighting, costumes, and scenery.

Collage of images of Fain's music department and the Fain Instrumental Music Hall.