Welcome to the Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences (MSRS) program!
Midwestern State University was the first educational institution in the United States to offer a discipline-specific graduate degree. Today, the MSRS program remains at the forefront of imaging and radiologic sciences education and offers three areas of concentration:

  • Administration
  • Education
  • Radiologist Assistant (RA)

The specialized program of study is a hybrid format and allows working professionals to complete the degree in two years with minimal on-campus requirements. Although the majority of the course work is completed online, there are six required on-campus visits for administration and education majors and 10 required on-campus visits for RA majors. RA majors are also required to complete extensive clinical requirements.

Competitive scholarships are available to qualified applicants along with an established mechanism to waive out-of-state tuition fees for applicants in Academic Common Market states.

Imaging and radiologic sciences professionals from across the United States and around the world are enrolled in the MSRS program at Midwestern State University and benefit from the diverse experiences of their colleagues. In addition, the MSRS faculty members have many combined years of experience in the field and are actively involved in the profession.

The Master of Science in Radiologic Science (MSRS) program strives to be the premier provider of graduate radiologic science on a state, national, and international level by offering opportunities for development in education, research, leadership, and clinical practice. The program prepares leaders in radiologic administration, radiologic education, and advanced radiologic clinical by:

  • Offering opportunities to work with graduate faculty in producing scholarly works, either through applied or original research projects;
  • Providing coursework where students can pursue scholarly writing, projects, presentations, and clinical experiences uniquely tailored to their interests (student-centered learning); and
  • Emboldening students to pursue other educational opportunities such as doctoral work, leadership development, and advanced clinical practice.
Note: If you reside in a state other than Texas, recent federal regulations may prohibit you from taking courses at Midwestern State University. Please contact Dr. Lynette Watts at lynette.watts@msutexas.edu for verification that your state of residence allows you to take courses from a Texas university. Failure to follow this procedure may prevent you from continuing to take courses and/or graduating from the MSRS program.