Hello:  information is now posted regarding the upcoming Summer 2024 Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE).  This exam is only for those students who will be graduating in August 2024. Please go to the 'Pay for the WPE' and 'Exam Dates' links for more information.
If you are graduating in December 2024 or later, you are exempt from the Writing Proficiency Requirement to graduate

In its list of Essential Learning Outcomes, Midwestern State University expresses a commitment to preparing students for successful futures. The Writing Proficiency Requirement demonstrates the University's commitment to nurturing critical thinking and effective writing. Consequently, as a condition of graduation, Midwestern State University expects all students to demonstrate

  • Critical and creative thinking about a timely issue or
  • discipline specific topic,
  • Knowledge of the conventions of a thesis-based academic paper, and
  • Proficient use of Standard Written English.


All students seeking baccalaureate degrees must fulfill the Writing Proficiency Requirement in ONE of the following ways:

  • Take and pass the Writing Proficiency Examination,
  • Take and pass ENGL 2113 Intermediate Composition and Grammar, or
  • Take and pass two courses designated as Writing Intensive (WI). One of these WI courses may be a Texas Core Curriculum Course, but one of the courses must be outside of the core.

Once a student has passed both communication core courses and completed at least sixty (60) credit hours, he or she is eligible to take the Writing Proficiency Exam or ENGL 2113. Writing Intensive courses may be completed at any time during a student’s degree plan. If a student has not met the Writing Proficiency Requirement before completing ninety (90) credit hours, a hold will be placed on the student’s account. That hold must be released by the Office of Writing Proficiency.

Students transferring to MSU with more than 90 semester credit hours should take the Writing Proficiency Examination during their second long (fall or spring) semester at MSU and if necessary enroll in and pass 2113 in their third semester. Alternatively, they may choose to enroll in and pass 2113 in their first semester without attempting the examination or enroll in and pass two Writing Intensive courses before graduation.

Students who transfer to MSU-Texas with designated (noted on transcript) Writing Intensive courses from another university may use one of those courses to partially fulfill the Writing Proficiency Requirement. At least one of the two WI courses must be completed at MSU-Texas.


As a significant assessment tool, the Writing Proficiency Requirement presents the University with a unique opportunity to determine whether students have the necessary skills to achieve success and to ensure that the MSU-Texas community is providing the kind of liberal arts education it promises. This commitment to critical thinking and writing not only benefits MSU-Texas students but also enhances the value of a Midwestern State University degree.

 If you need to have a Writing Proficiency Hold released, please contact our office by email at: writingprof@msutexas.edu .  Please include your full name, your Mustang ID#, and a short statement indicating why you need your hold released.  We will send you a reply by email when we have released your hold.



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