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Use our Transfer Equivalency Self-Service to see how your transfer courses count toward an MSU degree. Please note that while the tool provides guidance, the transferability of a course is not guaranteed until you apply. Specific course matches depend on each college and university's unique criteria and may vary from one institution to another. Some courses may not have equivalents yet. If you cannot find a course or college/institution, please email registrar@msutexas.edu


***If you're transferring from a "University of" institution, search using "U of" in the bar.***

The MSU Admissions Office decides initial transferability based on accreditation and coursework comparability. Course matches can change without notice. At most, 69 semester hours from a community college (excluding certain programs) can count toward an MSU degree.

WECM (Workforce Education), Technical, or Vocational courses will not have equivalencies. Acceptance of transferability of these courses will be done at the department level. Students accepted into certain programs (Nursing, Radiologic Sciences, or Respiratory Care) may be eligible to receive block credit hours for licensure. Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences students may receive block credit for work experience/coursework.

Use the Texas Common Course Numbering System site to check lower-division course compatibility across 137 institutions of higher learning in Texas.

Texas Common Course Numbering System


Last Modified: 05/07/2024