You are the future of Midwestern State University and the MSU Alumni Association. Many of our alumni attribute their success in life to their student experience at MSU. The Midwestern State University Alumni Association was established in 1926 and today, has more than 4,000 members living in all 50 states and many foreign countries representing the MSU Alumni Association. These members turn their nostalgia into tangible action on behalf of the university, each year, by serving as ambassadors, recruiting outstanding students, giving advice, and providing financial support for the university. We strive to stay connected no matter how many miles separate us, showing how firm alumni friendship is for Midwestern State.

Membership in the Alumni Association is the best way to maintain a lifelong connection to your alma mater while helping to strengthen Midwestern State's position as one of the premier public universities. While membership provides essential support for Midwestern State, it also gives alumni various ways to stay connected. Recognition of academic excellence, student scholarships and recruitment, plus service and leadership to our undergraduates also makes the university stronger. Graduates of the university, as well as families and friends, are welcome to join the Alumni Association.


Our Vision

To unite students and alumni as one to benefit Midwestern State University through fellowship and progress.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Alumni Relations is to identify, cultivate and strengthen relationships among former students, graduates and friends while promoting and enhancing the university's mission and commitment to academic excellence, productive scholarship, and personal growth