1. Officially recognized student organizations are granted limited banking privileges through the University.  To be eligible, an organization must be approved and be in compliance with the University rules and regulations as administered by the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance.  Services available are limited to deposit, maintenance, and check issuance.
  2. To establish an account, a representative of the organization must submit the request through a campus sponsor who is currently a faculty member or administrator of the University in writing to the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance who will either  approve or deny the request.
  3. The approved request will be forwarded to the Controller’s Office, where an account number will be assigned.  Notification of the new account number will be sent to the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance, who will notify the student organization.
  4. Once the account number is known, the organization may deposit funds into that account by presenting the funds and a deposit slip with the account number to the Business Office.  For information on how to fill out the deposit form, click here.
  5. Funds may be withdrawn from the account by properly completing a Midwestern State University Direct Payment Voucher and submitting it through the organization’s advisor to the Business Office.


Responsible for Implementation: Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance

Contact for Revision: Controller