1. Goods and services purchased from the Bookstore are processed differently from regular IDT’s.  DT’s from the Bookstore are not to be used to transfer funds between departments nor are they to be used to purchase goods or services from off-campus vendors.
  2. Instead of each department being responsible for filling out individual DT’s when making purchases from the Bookstore, departments will simply let the Bookstore know that the items being purchased should be charged to the department's account.  You will need to know your department’s account number.
  3. The Bookstore will create an invoice of purchases made by departments and submit it to the Business Office for processing.  The invoice includes the fund, organization, and program for each department.  The account for supplies is 7300.
  4. After all purchases are posted, the Business Office will submit a Direct Payment Voucher  to request a check be made out to Barnes and Noble.  The Direct Payment Voucher requires the signatures of the Controller and the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance.
  5. Once the Direct Payment Voucher has been processed and a check has been issued, the Business Office will contact Barnes and Noble to pick-up the check.