Reminders for completing the Travel Voucher
  • A conference/meeting agenda must accompany the travel voucher
  • Always include dates and times of travel. Per Diem rates are determined by the departure and return times.
  • Provide a brief description of the mode of transportation and duties performed. More information is better than not enough!
  • Taxes are reimbursed on the hotel amount eligible for reimbursement, which is not always the amount originally charged. Texas State occupancy tax is not a reimbursable expense. Present a Texas hotel occupancy tax exempt certificate to your hotel clerk at the time of check-in.
  • Mileage or gasoline will be reimbursed, but not both.
  • Lodging is to be claimed for each person traveling, even if one individual pays the receipt. The receipt should be copied and attached to each voucher. Each individual will claim his/her proportional amount of the charge.
  • All university travel is to be reimbursed using local funds.
  • If you exceed the per diem amount for lodging, a hotel overage exception can be approved by the appropriate Vice President, Provost, or President's office.


Pay Travel Advance Excess

Faculty/Staff may now pay a recent Travel Advance Excess Payment here online.


Important Travel Policy Change

In order to conserve funds and reduce expenditures, the mileage reimbursement rate for employee business travel is reduced to .45 per mile, and is effective November 1, 2015


Per Diem Meal and Lodging Rates

The standard rate for Midwestern State University does not match the standard rate for the GSA's federal site.  When referencing the GSA site, if the destination shows that it is a "Standard Rate", please use the following amounts for standard rate for MSU:

  • Lodging In-State/Out-of-State: up to $98
  • Meals In-State/Out-of-State: up to $40

Refer to the GSA's federal Domestic Maximum Per Diem Rates.

Once the appropriate per diem meal rate is determined via the GSA, please use the rate table below when claiming meals (including first and last day of travel). For your convenience, this table includes daily incidentals, unlike the rate table found on the GSA's website.

October 2023 - September 2024 Per Diem Meal Rate 
Per Diem Rate: $40 $64 $69 $74 $79
Breakfast 7 15 17 18 19
Lunch 11 18 19 20 22
Dinner 22 31 33 36 38

***Please note if the GSA says your rate is $59, then you will use the $40 column for MSU.