How to Get Involved in Undergraduate Research

Every student at MSU Texas can engage in undergraduate research and our office offers a variety of opportunities for involvement in research and creative activities. Please contact us or stop by our campus office so we can help you get started on your journey! 

EURECA Scholars Program

The Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities (EURECA) program was established in 2013 to provide funding, support, and programming for students to engage in high-quality research and creative activities in an interdisciplinary environment. During the academic year, student scholars find and work with faculty mentors on research projects and creative activities aligned with their interests. Students and mentors have access to research funding to support their projects and presentations. The cornerstone of EURECA is the development of strong mentoring and collaborative partnerships between students and faculty. Graduate students may also be mentors.

UGROW Summer Research Program

Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Summer Workshop (UGROW) is MSU’s faculty-led, student-executed intensive summer research program. As in years past, UGROW will provide a venue in which faculty mentor full-time engagement from one or possibly two students, facilitating student exposure to research techniques, as well as opportunities for presentation and interaction.

The Faculty Finder Tool

Are you an undergraduate interested in research but need a faculty mentor? Use the Faculty Finder tool to identify a faculty mentor in your area of interest.  Also, take our Student Research Interest Survey below

Student Researcher Interest Survey 

Are you a student wanting more information about how to get started on your undergraduate research journey? Take this short survey so the Office of UGR can assist you. 

Faculty Mentor Interest Survey 

Are you a full-time, part-time, or adjunct faculty interested in getting involved in undergraduate research? This short survey will give the UGR office insight as to what services they can provide to faculty, from embedded research course applications to connecting with students and workshops. 


Last Modified: 01/30/2024