“Think About It”

To help create a safe and healthy educational environment, all NEW UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AT MSU are required to complete an online program during their first long semester on campus called "Think About It".

The program is innovative, engaging, and informative and was created with students – for students. During the program, students examine the interconnected issues of healthy relationships, bystander intervention, alcohol, hooking up, substance abuse, and preventing sexual violence through a variety of interactive, realistic scenarios and guided self-reflection. Students will have the opportunity to earn points and badges as they progress through the program.

“Think About It” takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to complete. Students can work at their own pace from any computer (requires Flash player) and the student can leave and return to the program at any time; and, when the student returns, the program will open at the place where they left off. 

For questions about the “Think About It” program, please contact the MSU Counseling Center at thinkaboutit@msutexas.edu or call 940-397-4035.

Drug Convictions

If a student receives any State student aid (grants, loans or work-study) and is convicted for the possession or sale of illegal drugs, State aid may be suspended due to this offense.