Now that you have accepted a student loan(s), MSU wants you to be aware of general loan information that will help you successfully manage your loan indebtedness.  We encourage you to review this information yearly, as below, for complete details regarding your student loans.


Remember, disbursing your loan is OUR responsibility – repaying your loan is YOUR responsibility!   We want to ensure you experience a smooth transition into your loan repayment when that time comes. Please contact the MSU Financial Aid Office at  or call 940:397-4214 if we can be of any assistance.

Money Management and Financial Awareness

What is  a Direct Loan?

What is Entrance Counseling?

What is Exit Counseling?

How Can I Create a Budget for My College Expenses?

How Much Loan Money Have I Borrowed?

What Will My Loan Payment Be Each Month? 

Where Do I Send My Loan Payment? 

What Are My Borrower Rights and Responsibilities? 

What Type of Repayment Plan Can I Choose?  

What If I Have a Financial Hardship and Am Temporarily Unable To Repay My Loan? 

What Are My Options if I Am DELINQUENT On My Student Loan?

What Are My Options if I Am In DEFAULT On My Student Loan? 

What Is Loan Consolidation? 

What is an Alternative Private Loan?