Students and professors make silly poses outside of a train station in Berlin.

 Berlin students 2023

  Our Berlin program is an excellent way to fulfill some of your core curriculum credits during the summer I term!

 Students on this program will have the opportunity to take classes to help complete their core curriculum, specifically in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Cultural and Global Understanding sections. There are multiple course offerings available to take in these sections while in Berlin.

What better way to study these topics than by living in a location where you can discuss these topics with people in a different country! Your course will be hosted on the campus of the Bard College Berlin (BCB) but will include site visits all around the city that will enhance your learning. Additionally, during one of the weekends, students will have the option to visit Rome, where they will stay two-nights and discuss some important historical events that have impacted modern society.

 The travel portion of this trip will be for 17 days during June, but students will have a few online assignments both before leaving and after your return. Your course will be taught by an MSU Texas faculty member, who will be in charge of all aspects of the program at BCB.

This class is available to all majors and can serve as a great opportunity for students looking for a study abroad option between their freshman and sophomore year, or their sophomore and junior year.