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Applications Closed

We would like to inform you that the application period for the Peer Educator position for the Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 academic year has now closed. Thank you to all who applied.

Residential Peer Educator (PE)
Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

The residence halls at Midwestern State University exist to enhance the academic and personal achievement of our residents while supporting the educational mission of the University.  Residence Life & Housing is committed to creating an environment that values and promotes a range of lifestyles, lived experiences, and people.  Residential Peer Educators work to create a positive environment by building relationships with students, fostering a sense of campus community, providing help and assistance, and working with students to inform and educate about important topics central to the student experience. The Office of Residence Life & Housing encourages all qualified students to apply.  The invitation to apply is inclusive and not limited by ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, or physical ability. 

Job Description


New Residential Peer Educator: Fall 2024-Spring 2025

Start Date 

Participation in the Resident Assistant Program for the 2024-2025 academic year begins upon accepting the offer to serve as an RA and concludes on Friday, May 9, 2025.

Interviews for this position have already begun and will continue until all open positions are filled. More information about the hiring and selection process will be emailed to applicants as they apply. Please be aware that Residence Life and Housing Student Leaders will be expected to return to campus a few weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester for training and semester preparation. 

Application Deadline 

Applications Open: January 12

Applications Close: February 12

  1. Cumulative and semester GPAs of 2.25, which must be maintained while employed as an RA
  2. Enrolled in at least six (6) hours, International Students enrolled in at least twelve (12) hours
  3. Must be able to commit to one full academic year of employment (2024-2025)
Preferred Qualifications

These qualifications outline the skills, which the department sees as desirable in staff members who hold this position.

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher is preferred
  2. Enrolled in at least twelve (12) hours
  3. Live in an on-campus residential environment for at least one full semester
Preferred Skills

Preference will be given to those candidates who demonstrate exemplary skills in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Inclusive
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Collaboration
  • Peer to Resident Mentorship
Job Expectations

The following job expectations are outlined to assist both PEs and residents in their endeavors to be academically, personally, and professionally successful:

Essential Functions

The Residential Peer Mentor role is important for creating environments where students feel supported and encouraged to grow both inside and outside of the classroom while developing relationships with other MSU Texas students.  Each Residential Peer Mentor will be selected to fill one of the following roles:   

Academic Educators—Academic Educators assist students in navigating academic processes.  They provide helpful insight into areas such as advising, academic resources, academic success strategies, and building positive relationships with faculty.  These mentors receive support from Tutoring & Academic Support Programs.   

Health Educators — Health Educators help students understand their choices and behavior from a wellness perspective.  Health Educators promote the nine dimensions of wellness (emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, sexual, social, and occupational) while receiving support from the Vinson Health Center, Redwine Wellness Center, and the MSU Counseling Center. 

VIPs (Violence Intervention & Prevention) Educators — VIP Educators are well versed in the areas of relationships and violence prevention.  They help lead essential conversations about consent, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention in an effort to help us be a more open and supportive community.  Our VIPs receive support from our Office of Title IX. 

EPIC (Engaging Peers in College) Educators — Becoming involved on campus is an important part of your college experience Our EPIC Educators can help you find those connections and build the transferrable skills you’ll need to be a successful leader on campus.  EPIC Mentors work closely with the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement.

While each position will vary depending on the specific functional area, the following is a summary of the significant expectations for which staff members are responsible:

Student Development & Community Engagement
  • Plan and implement a minimum of two programs per month related to the group mission
  • Engage with students to identify their needs; determine ways to involve them in the residence hall and university community through pop-up informational tables, door-knocking campaigns, engaging RAs, etc.
  • Inform students of campus resources and connect or refer them to appropriate offices and/or departments as necessary
  • Maintain frequent contact with community members regarding (but not limited to) upcoming events, academic deadlines, campus resources, and community expectations
  • Communicate with your supervisors regarding students experiencing academic and/or engagement difficulties
  • Attend building staff meetings to learn more about possible issues and opportunities to serve in the building community at least twice a month.
Community Connections
  • Serve as an approachable and active community member within your floor, residence hall, and university
  • Assist in building robust communities that promote the free exchange of ideas and beliefs
  • Develop relationships with Resident Assistants in your building to discuss issues and concerns within the community
  • Support and encourage participation in campus and departmental events
Administrative Responsibilities
  • This position is designated as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and must complete compliance training
  • Design a monthly social media campaign related to the group monthly educational topic
  • Creating a marketing campaign for programming
  • Attend weekly large group staff meetings, small group meetings, and 1-1s with group advisor
  • Maintain approximately 10 engagement hours per week
Active involvement is required in the following:
  • Staff training (pre-semester and ongoing workshops) and other meetings as identified by the department or supervisor
  • Staff selection process
  • University programs such as Round-Up Events, Stampede Week, Family Weekend, Homecoming, Mustangs Rally, and other programs as identified by the department or supervisor

Upon accepting the position, the PE accepts the conditions of the employment outlined in the departmental manual, PE work agreement, and position description for the full 2024-2025 academic year.

Peer Educators are expected to fulfill their academic commitments as their first priority. Students enrolled in coursework requiring an extreme time commitment (including but not limited to the following: internships, student teaching, and upper-level clinical rotations) or graduating mid-year are not eligible to apply.  

The Peer Educator position should, however, remain primary above all other activities, campus involvement, or secondary employment (secondary employment is limited to 10 hours per week on or off campus). PEs seeking additional employment or extensively involved activities must consult with their supervisor or a departmental representative. 

Participation in the Peer Educator Program for the 2024-2025 academic year begins upon accepting the offer to serve as a PE and concludes on Friday, May 9, 2025. Note: PEs will be asked to arrive to campus prior to the arrival of the rest of the student body and will remain on campus after their residents have left each semester.

  • Private Room (when available)

How to Apply

New Peer Educator Application & Selection Process:
  1. Apply for the New PE Position on Mustangs Link
    • Resume
      • You will need an updated copy of your resume to apply. Your resume should include the following:
        • ONLY include post-high school job experience and involvement
        • Include any community service, on or off-campus clubs or organizations, and any on-campus activities, organizations, or events that you have had an active role in.
        • Include your role or title and a brief list of skills or life experiences that you gained for each submission.
        Contact your hall director for more information and guidance on building a resume.

Apply Now for the New Peer Educator Position

If you have any questions about the application or selection process, please contact Esmeralda Carlos at 940-397-4218 or

For more information about this and other positions, please email or call the Housing office at 940-397-4217.

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