Legacy Hall

Legacy Hall
Our newest residence hall is home to our Living Learning Program Communities.

Students residing in Legacy Hall live in one of 16 communities throughout the building. This facility is co-ed by wing and features 8 living-learning programs. Each community houses between 29 and 34 students in a mix of single and double-occupancy rooms. For maximum student comfort, double occupancy rooms include a partial privacy wall. Private bathrooms are located throughout the community with a ratio of one bathroom for every five students. In addition, each community shares a community lounge and study room. Lounges include full kitchens and space to study and socialize with friends.

Legacy also houses our Market Street Learning Commons, open to all students, 24 hours a day, seven days a week while classes are in session.

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  • Capacity: 500

  • Number of floors: 5

  • Gender: Coed by wing

  • Bathrooms: Semi-private; lockable individual rooms containing a shower, sink and toilet shared by the hall community. Ratio: five students per bathroom.

  • Mattress Size: Twin XL

  • Included furniture: Bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, built-in closets, in-room sink/vanity, blinds, micro-fridge, and microwave.

  • Academic LLPs: Business, Education, Fine Arts, Health & Human Services, and Math & Science.

  • Special Interest LLPs: Esports and Gaming community, Redwine Honors Program*, and Priddy Scholars* 

Mailing Address
3705 Louis J. Rodriguez Dr., (Box Number**)
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099


*Pending acceptance into the program

**Students will receive their box number from the MSU Texas Post Office upon arriving on campus


  • Key card entrance

  • Community front desk

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

  • Cable TV

  • In-room sink

  • Community lounges and study spaces

  • Community kitchens (all residential floors)

  • Laundry facilities (all residential floors)

  • Easy access to the Legacy Commons, Green Space, Multipurpose Room, and Courtyard

Legacy Hall Double Room Layout Legacy Hall private room layout. The Legacy Hall Green Space exterior at dusk. This green space is contained between Legacy's south wing to the left and the main covered walkway on the right in a 'U' shape. The grass area stretches from the South wing over a small raised hill in the center to a patio area on the right. Three young, newly planted shade trees and two lit lampposts separate the green space from the patio area where three round tables and chairs are situated. Along the far sides of the green space, the wings of the building stretch five stories tall with iconic MSU red brick featured on the first floor, and white and tan stucco walls are featured on the top four floors. One section on the far wall features brick on all five stories and the Three Mustangs logo can be seen lit at the top of this tower-like structure. The sky is starting to darken and soft pink wispy clouds can be seen, but the sun has already set behind the building and cannot be seen. Legacy Hall's first-floor lounge interior. A large window looking out onto the Legacy Hall green space outside can be seen on the far right wall and the two elevators can be seen on the left wall. A variety of leather chairs, couches, circular ottomans, and coffee tables are spread out on the carpeted area. You could comfortably fit about 14 people in this seating area. Large circular light fixtures are hanging from the ceiling. Legacy Hall, decorated interior, side 'B'. Three students are hanging out on the window side, side 'B,' of a Legacy Hall semi-private double room. There is a window along the far wall which is currently covered by blinds. The loft bed is set along the left side of the room and has a desk under it. One student leans against the bed and her head barely reaches above the top of the mattress. The second student sits on a rolling chair next to the desk. A small rug lays in the center of the room. The third student stands on the right side of the room near the closet. Only a small part of the dresser can be seen in the closet from this angle. The photo was taken by someone standing on the 'A' side of the room looking into the 'B' side. The dividing wall between the two sides can be seen on the left as well as part of another loft bed along the dividing wall. A micro-fridge, microwave, and part of the in-room vanity sink can be seen on the left separating the two closets. Legacy Hall, room interior, side 'B'. Two students are hanging out in a Legacy Hall room on the window side, side 'B'. The window is along the wall on the right-hand side and has the blinds down, muting the light in the room. Along that same way running towards the back wall is a desk and dresser pushed together to create a large space, a tv sits on the desk and a shelf with a hat is hung on the wall above it. One student is sitting in a rolling chair with one arm leaning against the desk and the other touching the lofted bed on the opposite wall. The second student is leaning against the bed which is raised halfway up. There is a bean bag chair under the bed along with shoe storage. The bed is up against the wall that divides the room in half. Warm light is coming from side 'A' and you can see the end of the other bed positioned along the opposite side of the dividing wall. A few students are standing talking in the open doorway and you can make out part of a dresser on the wall next to the door, but no other part of side 'A' can be seen.
Last Modified: 08/24/2023