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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) supports the continuous improvement and continued excellence of Midwestern State University by coordinating the institution's ongoing self-evaluation and strategic planning efforts and ensuring the strength and accuracy of institutional data, analysis, and reporting. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is instrumental in assisting the university navigate the shifting landscape of higher education, engage in data-rich storytelling that connects the dots between idea and impact for stakeholders, and represent itself authentically across regional, state, and national levels.

Investigate, Innovate, Improve.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is committed to upholding the values of MSU Texas by supporting institutional efforts, and seeking ourselves, to:

  • Champion continuous institutional progress (Visionary)
  • Learn and grow from successes and failures (Integrity)
  • Celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of every person in every role (People-centered)
  • Collaborate to develop programs that benefit our communities (Connections)
  • Welcome honest communication and constructive feedback (Community)
  • Recognize, acknowledge, and dismantle barriers to success (Community)


The primary functions of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness can be categorized into two main areas. The responsibilities of each are as follows:

Planning and Assessment
  • Coordinating the programmatic assessment cycle across the institution (in partnership with the University Assessment Committee)
  • Coordinating the assessment of general education outcomes and core objectives (in partnership with the Core Curriculum Committee)
  • Providing consultation services to programs, committees, or task forces seeking to set up sustainable assessment practices or engage in strategic planning

Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Maintaining a repository of historical data, which includes the collection, storage, and management of institutional data (in partnership with Information Technology)
  • Responding to internal and external data requests
  • Reorganizing and transforming information into actionable data
  • Preparing official reports to ensure compliance with regional, state, and national reporting standards and accreditation requirements
  • Engaging in institutional research projects

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