Wireless Network Instructions


We have several different networks on campus that you may be able to connect to and use. Click below to view instructions for each one:


MSUWireless Network


How To Connect
  • Step 1
    In your wireless menu, select and connect to "MSUWirelessNetwork." Once your system shows that you are connected, open your favorite browser and go to a site off-campus such as or The system should then redirect you to a page that says "Please click here to connect to the network" and has in the address bar.
    Step 1
    Click the link that says "Please click here to connect to the network." You will be given the choice of registering your wireless device with the MSU network as either an authenticated user or a guest. If you are a registered student or are a current MSU employee (staff or faculty), you should use the "Network Login" section of the page shown below to authenticate using your MSU credentials. For  students , this is the MSU Portal username and password but the username must be entered in the form of  STUDENT\portalusername . For  staff and faculty , this will be your network credentials with which you normally log into campus systems, with ADMIN\ inserted in front of the username. If you are visiting the campus, then you can use the "Register as a Guest" section to register your device and gain temporary access to the Internet only.

    Step 2
    Step 2a
    If you selected the "Network Login" option and your credentials are correct, you will see a screen similar to the one below. You will need to check the box for "I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy" before clicking "Complete Registration."

    Step 2a
    Step 2b
    If you selected "Register as Guest," you will see a screen similar to the one below. Fill out all fields requested, check "I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy," and click "Complete Registration."

    Step 2b
    Step 3
    You will be now be presented with the following screen while your system is connected.

    Step 3
    Step 4
    When the connection is completed you will see the following screen and be able to use the network accordingly.

    Step 4
    If you used the Network Login option, will only have to go through this process once per semester for each device that you connect to the wireless network - unless you change your password. At the end of each semester, the device registrations will expire and you will need to follow this procedure once more when you return to campus for the next semester.

    If you registered as a guest, your access will continue for seven days before you must renew again.


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MSUSecure Wireless


  • Open the wireless menu on your Android device
  • Select the MSUSecureWireless network
  • For "EAP method," select "PEAP"
  • If you see an option for "Phase 2 authentication," select "MSCHAPV2"
  • "CA certificate" Use System Certificates, if you do not see this option it may be under "Advanced"
  • For Faculty and Staff "Identity," enter your MSUNet username
  • For Student "Identity" enter student\your MSUNet username
  • Leave "Anonymous Identity" blank
  • Your password will be your MSUNet password
  • In the Domain field enter
  • Select "Connect"
  • Open the wireless menu on your Apple device
  • Select the MSUSecureWireless network
  • For Faculty and Staff "Identity," enter your MSUNet username
  • For Student "Identity" enter student\your MSUNet username
  • For "Password," enter your MSUNet password
  • Select "Join"
  • On the "Certificate" screen, verify that it says and then choose "Trust"


  • Open the "Network and Sharing Center" on your Windows laptop or tablet.
    Networking and Sharing Center
  • Select "Manage Wireless Networks."
    Manage Wireless Networks
  • Select "Add" and then select "Manually create a network profile."
    Manually Create a Network Profile
  • Enter the network name as "MSUSecureWireless" (without the quotation marks), and make sure "Security type" is WPA2-Enterprise, with "Encryption type" of AES. Click "Next."
    Encryption type of AES
  • Next, click "Change Connection Settings" and then click the "Security" tab of the Network Properties menu.
    Change Connection Settings Security
  • Check that your "Network Authentication Method" is Microsoft: Protected EAP and then click "Settings."
  • Under "Select Authentication Method" make sure that Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) is selected, then click "Configure."
  • Uncheck the box to "Automatically use..." and click "OK."
    Uncheck Automatically Use
  • Click "OK" on the Protected EAP Properties menu to close it.
  • On the "Security" tab of the Network Properties menu, click "Advanced Settings."
    Advance Settings
  • Check "Specify authentication mode" and select "user authentication in the dropdown box." Click "Save credentials."
      Save Credentials
  • Enter your MSUNet credentials, placing "admin\" (without the quotation marks) in front of your username. Click "OK."   Please note that you will have to go back in and change this password manually whenever you change your MSUNet password. 
    MSU Credentials click ok

  • Exit all open menus by clicking "OK" and then wait for your device to connect to the network.


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Residence Halls


Our Residential Network is provided and managed by Apogee, a company which is external to Midwestern State University and our Information Technology department.

Please note that MSU Wireless and Secure Wireless networks do not cover residential areas. 

More information can be found on the RESNET page under "Housing."


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Last Modified: 04/15/2024