Following action by the 78th Texas Legislature, universities no longer receive formula funding for semester credit hours attempted by a student who has enrolled in any course, other than a non-degree-credit developmental course, containing the same content for a third or more time since the Fall semester 2002. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has determined that the following types of coursework are exempt from this provision: courses that involve different or more advanced content each time they are taken, including but not limited to, individual music lessons, theater practicum, music performance, ensembles, certain physical education and kinesiology courses, and studio art; independent study courses; and special topics and seminar courses.

Therefore, students will be assessed an additional tuition charge of $150 per semester credit hour for courses taken at MSU for the third (or more) time since Fall semester 2002.

Please note: The additional charges for most courses will appear immediately. In some cases charges may appear on the student accounts the next business day.

All student accounts are subject to audit. Any fees due after an audit is conducted are the responsibility of the student. Likewise, if a student has a reduction in charges after an audit is completed, the student will be refunded accordingly.