Capt. Jepp

Presenter: Flint Whitlock & Terry L. Barnhart

Date: Fall 2010

Description: The Amazing Life of Elrey B. Jeppesen 

Authors Flint Whitlock and Terry L. Barnhart presented The amazing life of Elrey B. Jeppesen —Capt. Jepp, who was a wing walker of the 1920’s and an Intrepid airmail and airline pilot of the 1930’s. He created an aerial navigation system and was the founder of a business that grew from a ten-cent little black book into an international multi-billion dollar enterprise without equal.



Presenter: Dr. Edward Osborne Wilson

Date: Fall 2010

Description: From So Simple a Beginning: Darwin and the Future Biology

Famous biologist and two time Pulitzer winner, Edward Osborne Wilson presented “From So Simple a Beginning: Darwin and the Future of Biology”. His presentation was introduced by Midwestern State University's President, Dr. Jesse Rogers. Dr. Wilson, who is also an environmentalist, spoke about the importance of conservation and the study of all beings from microorganisms to large mammals.