JC - No Subtitles

Presenter: James Chressanthis

Date: Fall 2011

Description: No Subtitles Necessary:  László and Vilmos

Filmmaker James Chressanthis presented his award winning documentary NoSubtitles Necessary: László and Vilmos, about the life of Hungarian cinematographers, and  lifelong friends, Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond, whose cinematographic work of fifty years revolutionized Hollywood’s industry forever.


 Eid Mustafa


Presenter: Dr. Eid Mustafa

Date: Fall 2011

Description: Reflections of a Wichita Falls International Medical Volunteer

Dr. Eid Mustafa, renowned plastic surgeon of Palestinian origin, presented a talk titled Reflections of a Wichita Falls International Medical Volunteer to a large crowd. Dr. Mustafa is one of the founders of the the nonprofit organization Physicians for Peace.During his talk he recalled his experiences in different countries, and particularly Palestine, helping people to treat victims of war and violence who have been disfigured.