"Thank you for the help you gave our daughter this spring.  She was having anxiety over graduation, her internship, and her husband getting a new job which required a move.  It all became too much for her to handle without help and she went to the Counseling Center and saw someone several times.  They helped her tremendously and she graduated happy and content.  Thank you for your services and the help you gave her."   

Parent of an MSU Graduate

Parents Play an Important Role

The goal of the Counseling Center is to help students with personal, emotional and adjustment problems so that they can be successful in college.  Parents play an extremely important role in helping us meet that goal.  Adjustment problems are common for most students, especially for freshmen.  Parents are usually the first to notice changes in their student's behavior, attitudes, or emotional stability which could indicate a problem.  Talk to your student about your concerns.  Let your student know that adjustment problems are a common occurrence among college students, and the Counseling Center can help.

Having a child in college can be stressful for those who love the student.  When that child begins to experience problems, parents often feel helpless and sad or worried themselves.  While the Counseling Center does not provide individual therapy for parents of students, our therapists can offer support over the telephone.  We also attempt to provide a referral to a therapist for the parent in their geographic area.


Counseling Center services are intended to assist students who are experiencing short-term emotional adjustment problems.  If a student needs help from a psychiatrist or if he/she needs help that the Counseling Center cannot provide, we will make the appropriate referrals.  In cases such as this or when a student needs to be hospitalized for a psychiatric problem, the therapist will strongly encourage the student to contact his/her parents.  If you have any questions about our services, please call 940-397-4618 and speak to our staff.  Counseling services are free to students.  All counseling services are covered by the student activity fee that was paid during registration.  There are no additional charges for counseling.

If a student is experiencing family problems, the student may request that the parent or family member accompany him/her to therapy in the Counseling Center.  This is only provided at the student's request.

Referring your Student

If you believe your student could benefit from counseling, encourage him/her to come by our office or call the Counseling Center to make an appointment.  A therapist can see your student within a short period of time, often even on the day that he/she calls.  All students age 18 and older must schedule their own appointments.


If your student is age 18 or older and a client of the Counseling Center, federal and state law prohibits us from acknowledging that your student is a client or discussing the case in any way without a written release of information from your student.  This law applies whether or not you have referred your student to us or discussed your student's situation with us before your student became a client.  We know this can be frustrating for parents, but it is part of the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Please be assured that therapists view parents usually as one of the student's greatest sources of support, and that we encourage healthy family relationships.

If your student is under the age of 18, we will need a consent to treat form signed by his/her legal guardian.  This form is provided by our office.