A student wishing to appeal a traffic citation must submit an online appeal within seventeen (17) calendar days from the date the citation was issued by going to the MSU Texas Parking Portal and click on View, Pay, or Appeal Citations. The citation number and vehicle license plate # (number) will be needed to continue the appeal process.

The Traffic Appeals Committee will make a decision based on the information provided. Once decided, an email notification will be sent by the Committee Chairperson to the appealing student indicating if the appeal was “accepted and waived” or “rejected.” 

If an appeal is “accepted and waived,” no further action is needed by the appealing student.

If an appeal is “rejected,” the student has seven (7) calendar days to pay the citation, otherwise be subject to late fees and a registration/transcript hold on the student’s account in WebWorld.  Citations may be paid online by using a credit card, or in person at the MSU Police Department (cash or checks only).

During the appeal process, the parking/traffic citation fine and corresponding registration/transcript hold on a student’s account in WebWorld are temporarily suspended until the decision of the Traffic Appeals Committee has been made, and email notification sent by the Committee Chairperson to the appealing student.