What is the Writing Proficiency Exam? (WPE)

The WPE is a two-hour essay test, which is administered each fall, spring and summer semester.  If you pass the WPE, you have met the Writing Proficiency Requirement.  If you fail the WPE, you must enroll in and successfully complete English 2113-Intermediate Composition & Grammar at MSU.  The WPE may not be retaken nor may credit for the test or the course be transferred from another school.

Am I eligible for accommodations on the WPE?

Yes!  Students who are registered with Disability Support Services are entitled to the same testing accommodations they receive for other tests. 

The following is how to register for the English Proficiency Exam with accommodations:

  • Select a date and pay at the Business Office or online
  • Bring the paid receipt to the DSS office as proof of registration.
  • The test will be given on computer; accommodations the student has been approved for will be provided. 
  • If a student's accommodations include spell or grammar check, this cannot be provided.  Grading will take this into account.
  • Any questions? Check with the DSS (940-397-4140) or the WPR Department (940-397-4131).