MSU Texas Endowments

About Endowments

An endowment is one of the most powerful ways you can support MSU Texas.

 endowment's annual income ensures a consistent and dependable source of funding for the future. By establishing endowed funds, MSU Texas can secure essential resources to support its mission, especially in light of declining federal and state support for higher education. They give MSU Texas administrators the ability to make and pursue long-range plans in areas such as scholarships, research, and overall support of the university. 

By creating an endowment, donors can witness the impact of their contributions in inspiring and promoting excellence today, while also ensuring the university's future and positively impacting countless lives for generations to come.

annual gifts plus endowment gifts equals stronger msu texas
Different gifts help MSU Texas in different ways. Annual funds support current needs. Endowment funds provide support now and for the future.


Both are important, keeping the university strong year after year and for generation after generation.

Endowment Frequently Asked Questions

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a permanent gift that is invested for the long term to provide sustainable financial support for the university. The gifted funds yield investment returns based on global market conditions and provide an annual payout, which is determined by the investment committee, to support the donor’s designated use.

How does an endowment work?

  • An endowment is a gift of assets that is strategically converted into long-term investments to provide sustainable, long-term financial support.
  • Each year a portion of the market value from your endowment is transferred into a spending account, making it available to the university beneficiary you designate.
  • Only the earned returns on your endowment are spent; the principal remains intact, yielding benefits to the university in perpetuity.
  • Endowment donors receive reports on their investments each year, describing the financial performance of their gift, how their endowment enhances the investments and how their gift continues to make a difference at MSU Texas.

Why does a public university need an endowment?

A university's financial stability, regardless of its size or public/private status, relies on having endowments. While state funding can provide a foundation for budget allocations, it falls short in supporting programs that elevate a university's reputation on a national and international level. Unfortunately, state funding has been on a decline in recent years.

An endowment allows MSU Texas to: 

  • offer additional scholarships to students
  • attract and retain the best faculty and researchers, and
  • continue to advance strategic learning, problem solving, and improving the overall educational experience for the next generation of leaders. 

Who decides how my endowment gift is used?

YOU. As an endowment donor, you can designate an MSU Texas college, scholarship or program to benefit from your generosity. That beneficiary will spend the annual payout in a manner consistent with your intent when you establish your gift.

Is there a minimum gift amount required to create an endowment?

You have flexibility in how you establish your endowment: with an outright gift or a pledge to be paid over time. Depending on the purpose of the endowment, MSU Texas has established guidelines for minimum gift amounts that will ensure the annual investment payout is sufficient to support the intended programs. A general endowment can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000

Once established, may I continue to contribute to my endowment?

Yes! You or others may continue to support your endowment through additional contributions.

What documents are required to create an endowment?

An endowment is established through a formal gift agreement executed between the donor and MSU Texas. This agreement documents the donor’s intent in establishing the fund, the purpose of the endowment, administrative instructions, and specific criteria or other instructions to the MSU Texas beneficiary.
Last Modified: 03/26/2024