2023-2024 President's Excellence Circle Honor Roll

Thank you to our President's Excellence Circle members.


President's Excellence Circle members receive unique opportunities to have a deeper connection with the President, senior leaders and the university in order to see the impact of their gifts. We value our extraordinary President's Excellence donors - united with a purpose - to ensure Midwestern State University thrives.

Your investment in the President’s Excellence Circle provides our students with opportunities for access and success in higher education. Your gifts also support our talented faculty, staff, and students who like me, call MSU home.

Dr. Stacia Haynie
Dr. Stacia Haynie
Midwestern State University
2023-2024 President's Excellence Circle

Silver Excellence Circle

Silver Excellence Circle
Randy and Anne Aaron Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Cameron and Sandy Godfrey
Joy and John Powell Family Donor Advised Fund
Marilyn Aboussie and John Hay
Leah Gose
Deborah Locklar Price
Kevin and Debbie Baber
Kathy and Jack Gotcher
Norma and Steve Priester
Adrienne Barker
Dr. and Mrs. T. David Greer
Blaine and Barbara Purcell
Bob and Debbie Barrow
Debbie and Stephen Gustafson Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Stephanie and David Quinn
Dr. and Mrs. Danny R. Bartel
Nancy J. Hacker
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Rains
Ann and Denny Bishop Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Pat and Ranette Halverson
Leigh A. Ray
 Carla and Dan Bolin
Karen R. Hamlin
Kristin and H.P. Schuele
Sheralyn and Rick Bowersock
Sue Harrington
Jan and Bill Setzler
John Bridgman
Nann and Dale Harvey
Suzanne Shipley and Randall Wadsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bundy
Tuck and Ralph Harvey
Gary H. Shores
Kay Cannan
Jim and Julia Hawkins
Richard Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cannedy
Scott and Stacia Haynie
Frances and Rick Sims
Dennis and Sherry Cannedy
Anne Hendrick-Thomas
Devin and Jennifer Smith
Dr. Emerson and Rosemary Capps
Madge and Bob Henry
Pam ('83) and Lance ('70, '77) Spruiell
Johnny and Nataya Carter
Kathy and Ken Hines
Sylvia Burks & Lloyd Stout Charitable Fund
Teresa and Terry Caves
Philip Hudkins, M.D.
Dr. Susan Strate
Renae ('93) and Todd ('92) Clemmer
Vernal and Jan Huffines
Drs. Richard and Beth Sutton
 Darrell Coleman Family Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Marilynn and David Ickert
Dr. Lucy Tan
Phyllis Cowling
Greg and Sarah Johnson
Glenda and Frank Tate
 Dr. John A. and Elsa Crain
Drs. David Cerreta and Sumi King
Georgia Mae Washington Tatom
Ronda and David ('85) Criss
Billie Kirby
Bill* and Pat Thacker Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Leann and Perry Curry
Tom and Dora Ann Knight
Steve Tipps
Bill and Cecille Daniel
Tracie('86) and Andy ('83) Kocher
Linda and Glenn Tole
Horace Darnell ('52)
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Lamb
Scott and Betsy Tucker
Murphy and Bonnie Davis
Dave Lilley and Trinity Hughes Construction
Carol G. Wagner
 Sandy and *Earl Denney
Jane and Barry Macha
Mr. Mark D. Walker and Dr. Thomas S. DeNapoli
Marianne and Ken Dowdy
Nancy and Jim Marks
Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Deanna Watson
Trevor and Kristin (Snow) Edwards
Marcy Brown Marsden
Weeks Family Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Tom and Pat Elam
Marsha May
Larry Stanton Weise
Dr. C. Joseph and Mary Lynn Ellis
Rhonda and Hank McClung
Dr. Friederike and Mr. John Wiedemann
 Jennifer and Craig Estes Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Barbara and Greg Merkle
Helen and Gene Willingham
 David and Terri Farabee
Bob and Kathy Moss
Pat and David Wolverton
Fidelie Family Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Gail Natale
Michelle and Steven Wood
The Honorable and Mrs. Charles A. Finnell
Dr. Richard K. Niles
W. Dan and Pat Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Forrester
Carol and Milburn Nutt Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Novella and Bud Francis
 Oncor Electric Delivery
Ofelia and Alan Freeman
 Sarah Jane Owens
 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ginnings
 Joe and Marjorie Parker

Gold Excellence Circle

Gold Excellence Circle
Burleson Trust Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Dr. Harvey and Sherry Martin
Kathleen and Tom Stephens
Jane Spears Carnes
Vicki and James* McCoy Donor Advised Fund - WFACF
Danny W. Taylor Donor Advised Fund
Mr. and Mrs. R. Caven Crosnoe
Mr. Lonny Dee Morrison
William R. Thacker
Paula and Gordon* Elmore
Ann and Bob Osborne
Shana and Max Vordenbaum
Martha Fain
Dianne and Mark Prothro
Gail and David White
The Fritzsch Family
Mr.* and Mrs. Joe N. Prothro
LTC (retired) Charles* & Rheu Nell Horton
James* R. Seitz, Jr.
Missy and Bert Huff
Ted and Nancy Smith
C.B. and Mary Eda Laing
Snell Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Megan and Cody Magana
Sara Jane Snell

Platinum Excellence Circle

Platinum Excellence Circle
Warren T. and Pam S. Ayres
Kim and Don Hupp
Michael J. Reiswig
Malorie and Brian Blair
Peggy Kimbell
Marilynn and John Stafford
Johnelle and Barry Donnell
Tarkan Maner ('93)
Donna and Hollis Sullivan
Loredana and Charlie Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Munir Lalani, Lalani Lodging Inc.
Dr. Shelley and Greg D. Sweatt
Al Guinn
W. Scott and Janet Meddaugh
Donna ('02) and Donald Taubert
Carol and Bob Gunn
Betsy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Yeager
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