Jeff StambaughThanks for checking out the Dillard College!  The faculty and staff of the Dillard College are very proud of the transformative experience we offer our students.  Plus, attending Midwestern State University and the Dillard College of Business is a “value” proposition.  We provide an outstanding education at an affordable price.  In short, the Dillard College is the right program at the right place with the right people! 

Right Program:  Building on a core curriculum that develops the skills employers seek, the Dillard College offers seven “hands on” majors in a state-of-the-art instructional facility.  Our program is accredited by AACSB, which is the gold standard in business education.  This accreditation ensures we are constantly innovating to provide a high quality, high impact education.

Right Place:  We are part of a vibrant campus surrounded by a welcoming city.  Not only do we have a world-class facility (come visit!), we have engaged business and alumni communities that provide guest speakers, internship opportunities, and myriad opportunities to bring the real world into our education.

Right People: Our faculty and staff have one focus: making our students a success.  Our faculty has the mix of professional experience and scholarly skills to offer a life-changing education.  Our small class sizes give us the chance to know and interact with our students on a personal basis.  Simply put, we care!

I encourage you to visit our campus and make the Dillard College your home!

Best wishes for success,

Jeff Stambaugh