Dillard College of Business Administration

The Dillard College of Business Administration Academic Internship Program provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to apply their scholarly knowledge, to gain applicable business experiences, to build their professional resumes, to attain important business contacts and earn course credit. The internship program is committed to building positive relationships with participating businesses by providing highly prepared intern candidates.

The Goals of the program are:
  • To provide a high quality internship experience
  • To provide and ensure quality and professionalism
  • To strengthen community relations
  • To expand the variety of internship opportunities
  • To assess each experience to ensure continuous improvement
The Academic Internship Process

Students must complete a checklist of preparatory activities under the direction of the Internship Coordinator prior to beginning an internship for course credit.  Students selected for an internship by an employer or organization are required to spend a minimum of 150 hours on the job.  The internship experience is a partnership among the student, faculty member, and business practitioner.  Assurance of learning is facilitated through evaluations submitted by the student, the faculty member, and the business practitioner.  Through an analysis of evaluations and review of the overall internship process, the program strives to assure a quality experience for all participants.

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