Research Presentations from Dillard College Students and Faculty at the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity (UGRCA) Forum
Dillard College of Business students presenting their Net Neutrality undergraduate research at the spring 2018 Celebration of Scholarship.

EURECA (Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities)

EURECA runs fall and spring terms. Students must have a faculty mentor. Scholarships are awarded to qualifying proposals each semester and academic year. Student and faculty proposals are reviewed by a panel of their peers in the field. Students receive funding based on the number of hours they have proposed to work on their research. The program also provides funding for supplies and travel up to a specific amount. Students are required to present at the UGRCA Forums in the fall and spring terms. It is open to all colleges to submit project proposals. Please visit the EURECA website for more information!

UGRCA (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities)

An open forum in which undergraduate students may submit an approved abstract to present their research projects in a poster or podium format. This forum occurs in the fall term and during the spring term. It is a part of the Celebration of Scholarship.

UGROW (Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Summer Workshop)

UGROW is held during the summer I session (May-July). This program is faculty research project based in that students attend a faculty presentation seminar, and then apply to be mentored by those professors. Students can choose up to three professors to work with. In May, there is a series of workshops students must attend. Scholarships are awarded to only 16 students whose applications meet qualifications. Applications are reviewed by the UGROW committee. Students work on their research during the summer I session and present at a symposium at the end. It is open to all colleges to submit faculty proposals and open to all students to submit an application. Students are also required to present at the fall forum. Travel and supply allocations are also available. Please visit the UGROW website for more information!

Celebration of Scholarship (Presentations)

A combined forum for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students to present research in a poster or podium format. They submit abstracts through an approval process to a web form online by a specific deadline. This two-day event takes place in late April, and hosts faculty and graduate presentations and Wednesday, and undergraduate presentations on Thursday. The UGRCA comes under this for the spring forum.

How do these programs relate to one another? What else do I need to know?

  • Each program offers scholarship and recognition to undergraduates and faculty, and they are open to all colleges to apply.
  • All the programs are managed by the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Students who are in the EURECA program in the spring term will not be eligible for UGROW.
  • Faculty are not eligible for their EURECA project to be continued into UGROW if their project has run for two consecutive semesters.
  • Students and faculty in UGROW cannot apply for EURECA with the same project in the fall term.
  • There are specific GPA and academic requirements that are listed on the EURECA and UGROW Webpages.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Research works to enhance the undergraduate research experience by offering a platform to excel.

Are some of the programs stand alone or under the umbrella of another office?

  • The Celebration of Scholarship forum is co-hosted by the Billie Doris McAda Graduate School.
  • EURECA and UGROW are stand-alone programs.

Students in these programs may also enter their research in outside conferences, the Moffett Library competition, etc.

Who can I contact for more information about undergraduate research?

For more information regarding undergraduate research, please visit the undergraduate research website, or contact:

Director of Undergraduate ResearchDr. Stacia Miller (Whitworth)
Email Dr. Miller
Call Dr. Miller

Secretary | Ms. Julie Scales
Email Ms. Scales
Call Ms. Scales