British Studies Program: London, England - International Issues in Business

Six semester hours, BUAD 4933 & 4993 or BUAD 5993 & 6663. Components of marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics will constitute the core of the lectures while each student will also complete a research paper with the topic decided upon by the student and professor of record. Guest lecturers from the European community and field trips to various British and E.U. points of interest will be included in the course. Consent of the instructor for all business classes is mandatory.

St. George's University: Grenada in the Caribbean

Earn three credit hours for either Global Health and Wellness or History on the Isle of Spice during the May mini-term! Grenada is also known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and rainforest. This program gives students an understanding of how the global community is affected by changes in economic, political, and social factors. Open to all student classifications! Contact the Study Abroad office for further information.

Don Quijote: Valencia, Spain - ¡HOLA!

Spanish for Business: Six semester hours of Spanish language, culture, or conversation (all levels can be taken for Humanities/or Elective Credit). Located in Valencia, Spain through the Don Quijote language school. This is a month-long, summer I program.

Bard College Berlin: Berlin, Germany

Obtain core curriculum credits during the summer I term by studying in Germany's capital! Students studying in Berlin will have the opportunity to fill core curriculum requirements and visit historically significant sites in and around the city. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to take a weekend excursion to ROme. Enrolled students will earn three credit hours in one of the core curriculum areas of their choosing.

Prague, Czech Republic

Study in the heart of Europe in the historic city of Prague. This beautiful city, the capital of the Czech Republic, is known as The City of a Hundred Spires. It is home to Prague Castle, the world's largest ancient castle, and the world's largest astronomical clock. Enrolling in School and Society, students will earn three credit hours in the Cultural and Global Understanding core component area.

Institut de Touraine: Tours, France - Bonjour!

Study in Tours, a lively university town in the center-west of France. Popular with many is the medieval city center, where locals and visitors alike enjoy a relaxed environment and plenty of cafes. Connected by a high-speed train (TGV), you are only about one hour from the heart or Paris. Students can earn six MSU Texas credit hours in humanities or elective credits. THis program is a month-long summer I program.

For More Information

Please contact Bryce Johnson, Study Abroad Specialist, through email at, or by phone at 940-397-4038. Please include your Mustang ID number (M Number) on all correspondence.