A Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care affords excellent opportunities for professional growth and development. Midwestern State University offers two RRT-to-BSRC completion program options through distance education.
- Traditional 16 week semester courses
- Accelerated 8 week semester courses
The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Respiratory Care consists of 120 semester hours.  49 semester hours of academic foundation core curriculum work is required for the BSRC degree. Many, if not all of these hours may have been completed during your associate's program. These academic foundation courses may be taken at any appropriately accredited college or university and transferred to MSU. If all academic foundation courses have been completed, you will only be required to complete 10 upper-level respiratory courses (30 hours) through MSU before graduating with your BSRC. You are granted an additional 39 semester hours for your RRT credential that will go towards your BSRC. Courses are taught 100% online via Desire 2 Learn (D2L). Students may enter either of the RRT-BSRC programs in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester (Summer includes both Summer I and II sessions - 10 weeks).  



Our traditional program is set up to be flexible for students. We understand that the majority of our students work full-time and need flexibility with their educational courses. We allow students to choose the number of courses they want to take within each semester. If they want to take it slow, they can take one course at a time. If they want to go full-force and take four courses at a time, that is great too. We also offer 12 different courses. Each student gets to choose which 10 of the 12 courses they want to take. If a certain course does not fit their wants or interests, they do not have to take that course. We offer courses in critical care, neonatal, pediatrics, pathophysiology, pulmonary function, management, leadership, ethics, research, education, etc.


Our accelerated program is set up to allow students the opportunity to complete their BSRC at a faster pace. Courses are taken 2 at a time and run during an accelerated 8-week semester. Due to shortened 8-week semesters, the accelerated program does not offer the same flexibility in choosing course as the traditional program does. Students within the accelerated program will take 2 predetermined courses each semester. Successful completion of the 10 required respiratory courses should be completed within one year. 




Registered Therapists who wish to begin taking the respiratory care courses should first apply for MSU Texas admission followed by applying to the RRT to BSRC Respiratory Care Program. Please have official transcripts sent to MSU from all colleges or universities you have attended.  Please include an official transcript documenting completion of a Registry-Level Respiratory Program. 

  • NBRC RRT Credential
  • Academic Foundation & Core Curriculum Options                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A minimum grade of 75 (C) is required in all respiratory courses (*except RESP 4123 and RESP 4423). Failure to attain a minimum grade of C in these courses will prevent the student from progressing in the program.

The BSRC Program’s Admission Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to the above due to extenuating circumstances.

*RESP 4123 - Data Analysis and RESP 4423 - Research and Respiratory Care are on the traditional grading scale, where 70 is considered a minimum grade of C in these courses.