Midwestern State University Graduate Profile
The Essential Learning Outcomes

An MSU education will allow students to prepare themselves for a future in which they

  • understand, appreciate, and are engaged in the liberal arts (humanities, mathematics, and natural and social sciences)
  • respect and affirm diversity among individuals and cultures
  • think creatively when evaluating concepts and developing personal values
  • reason and act ethically
  • read, write, listen, and speak effectively
  • analyze quantitative and qualitative information with skill and insight
  • integrate ideas and methods across disciplines
  • apply civic knowledge responsibly in the community, the nation, and the world
  • utilize resources in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner
  • access, interpret, use, and disseminate information appropriately in all media
  • participate effectively in teams
  • comprehend and practice personal wellness as a lifelong process
  • pursue lifelong learning