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What is the Global Studies Degree program?

As a global studies major, you will focus on the impact and issues created by globalization, including how individual regions and the international community are working to manage the problems of today. To acquire this knowledge, global studies majors can focus their studies on either a particular world region or the international system as a whole.

Students in the Global Studies Program take courses in three major fields: international politics, economics, and global histories. These fields, along with the foundational courses built into the degree structure, will prepare students for careers the private and public sectors, particularly where the ability to focus on today’s opportunities and challenges is crucial.

Customize Your Degree

The degree plan is interdisciplinary, whereby students can customize their course curriculum according to their interests and career goals. Credit is offered for internships, study abroad, and work with intergovernmental organizations. Through the foreign language acquisition and research capabilities our students develop, Global Studies graduates enter the work force with highly desirable and marketable professional skills.

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