What do Mechanical Engineers do?

Mechanical engineers use concepts of mechanics and heat to design and build machines, devices, and systems such as internal combustion and jet engines, thermal fluid systems such as those used in power plants, and highly complex artificial hearts.  

Mechanical engineering is considered the broadest branch of engineering, providing a wide choice of careers and allowing movement into a variety of engineering and non-engineering areas. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and developing an incredible range of systems and products, including power plants, engines, automobiles, rockets, airplanes, robots, tools, and household appliances.


What does the Mechanical Engineering program at MSU offer?

In the Mechanical Engineering program, students learn how to become problem solvers, how to work in a team, and most of all, how to become self-learners. The standards in the Engineering program are high. The student needs to negotiate a curriculum that is very rigorous and rooted in strong mathematical knowledge.

Students develop a foundation with pre-engineering courses in the first year, including two semesters of calculus and physics and three introductory engineering courses. The first year is foundational for success.

In the second year, students can declare mechanical engineering and take many theoretical courses in the program and upper-level mathematics courses. The second year prepares students for intensive lab courses.

The last two years will focus on applications and practical experience. The two-semester senior design experience is the culmination of the program, where teams undertake a real-world application of their engineering knowledge.