In the event of an emergency please dial 911 or contact the MSU Texas Police Department at 940-397-4239.

The McCoy College of Science, Mathematics and Engineering is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff to learn, conduct research and collaborate. Safety is one of the most important human needs, and without it we cannot create a productive working and learning environment.

The areas of important safety concern are linked below. Links take you to more resources, manuals and forms.

Guidelines for ensuring use, storage and disposal of chemicals to ensure the safety of human health and the environment.

Guidelines for protecting individuals working in the laboratory from chemical, biological, physical and safety hazards.

Guidelines for ensuring safety during work, study and/or research by faculty, staff or students at a site other than the MSU campus. This typically includes outdoor field experiences, although may include visits to indoor facilities such as greenhouses and testing facilities.

Guidelines for ensuring safety during the use and disposal of radioactive materials (RAM) and radiation-producing devices (RPD).

Guidelines for promoting a safe educational and work environment. Managed through Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management program at MSU.