The Texas Education Code specifies that students must have a combination of U.S. and Texas constitutions and other topics.  The combination of a course from one college with a course from another college may not successfully fulfill the content requirement; therefore, students are urged to complete all six hours of political science/ American government within a single institution.

The safest approach is for student to take both courses in the government sequence at the same Texas college or university.  This should meet the required combination of U.S. and Texas constitutions and other topics.

However, students who have taken (or will take), one of their government classes at another Texas college and want to take the other government class at MSU, should seek counsel before registration (see contact information below).

Students who have taken any government classes out-of-state should check to see how credit was transferred to MSU and what additional course(s) may be needed.

Contact Information

Admissions Office: Leah Hickman  (940) 397-4343
Registrar's Office: Cathy Hoffman (940) 397-4323