The Career Management Center believes we offer several programs and services that can aid you in your efforts with students.  

Don’t Give A Walk Program

If you find yourself needing to be gone from one of your scheduled class times, the Career Management Center would like to help.  We can speak with your class on a variety of career related topics of your choosing.  Please consider allowing us the opportunity to help your students become more marketable to employers or ready to reach their career aspirations.  Contact us at 940-397-HIRE (4473) if interested.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the student just didn't seem to know all the career options available to them and/or even fully understand what those career opportunities are all about?  If so, the Career Management Center would like to help!  Have the student contact us at 940-397-HIRE (4473) to set up an appointment.


The Career Management Center wants to do all it can to assist students in finding good internship opportunities. Internship experience helps our students to stand out among candidates for employment.  Employers across the country are utilizing internship programs as the number one way to identify good candidates for employment.  This trend looks to continue long into the future.  In order for us to do our best in helping each student we hope you will pass along any information you receive on internship opportunities.  The more opportunities we can share with them the better their chances of success.  We appreciate all the assistance you can give.  Email information to or mail to 211 Hardin South.