Are other scholarships available besides the ones on this website?
Yes. Students should check with the department in which they are majoring for scholarship opportunities in that area.

Freshmen and transfer students - please visit the Admissions Scholarship website
All students 
- please visit the Financial Aid Office website

I received a scholarship check. Where do I send the check so that it may be applied to my account?

MSU Financial Aid Office
3410 Taft Blvd.
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

What information should be included with the scholarship check?
Please include the student's name and student identification number with the check. If you do not have the student's ID number, provide as much information as possible such as the student's middle name, address, high school, etc. so that we are sure to credit the correct student's account.

Can I call to verify that MSU has received my scholarship check?
Yes, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at (940) 397-4214.

I applied for a scholarship and have not heard anything from that organization. Will they contact me?
Each organization is different. Normally, you will be notified by the organization if you are selected to receive their scholarship. You may or may not hear from that organization if you are not selected.

The scholarship application states that I must be a resident of a particular county. What does that mean?
Residential county requirements refer to your county of permanent residence. If you live in a county strictly for educational purposes, you are typically not considered a resident for scholarship purposes.