Frequently Asked Questions


What is an IRB and do I need it for my research?

The MSU Texas Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established to protect the privacy of human subjects participating in research. If you are using human subjects data, you must have an approved IRB application before collecting and analyzing data. To determine if your project requires IRB approval, please visit the MSU Texas IRB webpage.

My research will involve the use of some chemicals and lab work, do I need special approval or clearance?

If you are using chemicals, anything considered hazardous, or materials requiring special storage, you must contact the MSU Texas Chemical Safety Manager, Dr. Raelene Keesling (, and give her a list of the chemicals and lab supplies you will use in your research. She will work with students and mentors to ensure the safe ordering, delivery, storage, and usage of the materials/supplies. 

FAQ's for Faculty

How do I find students to assist with my research?

  • Recruit from within your classes.
  • Participate in MSU recruitment events with your college and discuss research with potential new students.
  • Attend UGR Office-sponsored events and UGROW-sponsored events on campus where you can meet students interested in research.
  • Take the Faculty Mentor Interest Survey linked below. The UGR office will use the information you provide to help connect you to students. 

Faculty Mentor Interest Survey

FAQ's for Students

Can First-Year Students Participate in Undergraduate Research?

Yes! There are plenty of opportunities to participate in research at MSU Texas. When students visit MSU Texas for the first time, they meet the faculty in each college. These early visits are an excellent time to discuss the topic of research involvement. If you are planning to enroll at MSU Texas, please reach out to the UGR Office for more information on getting started or complete the Student Interest Survey on the How to Get Involved Page.

I am an undergraduate student interested in doing research, how do I find a faculty mentor?

  • Use our Faculty Finder tool. It is sorted by college and lists all faculty that have mentored research through programs like EURECA or UGROW or within their courses (Embedded Research Courses). The links go directly to the MSUDirectory profiles where you can review courses taught and research publications and interests. 
  • Talk to your course instructors. 
  • Attend UGR Office-sponsored events and UGROW-sponsored events on campus to network with faculty and other students. 
  • Stop by our office, CSC 161, to talk to a staff member who can help you get started. 
  • Take the Student Research Interest Survey linked below. The UGR office will use the information you provide to help connect you to a mentor. 

Student Researcher Interest Survey

I am an online undergraduate student, am I eligible to participate in undergraduate research?

Absolutely! You should discuss research opportunities with your faculty advisor, or academic advisor, or go to the How to Get Involved page.

Can a student do research outside of their major?

Yes. The core of any research is wanting to do a deeper dive into a topic, whether that be in your chosen major field or a subject you are personally interested/invested in. The UGR Office can assist you in finding a mentor in the field of your research interest.



Last Modified: 12/20/2023