Financial Aid Basics

Financial aid (grants and/or loans) is available to students who participate in MSU’s Study Abroad programs. In order to use financial aid for the study abroad programs, it is required that all study abroad coursework must be applicable to the student’s current degree program. The Global Education Office will advise students to consult with their current academic advisor to ensure the coursework is applicable to the student’s current degree plan.

The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and may be required to submit additional documentation to the MSU Financial Aid Office (eg: tax returns, verification worksheet,  etc...).After completing all required paperwork, the student will meet with a Financial Aid Counselor during a scheduled appointment time and the student will receive an award notification, which will detail the award(s) he/she is eligible to receive. NOTE:  any grants/loans received during other enrollment periods within the same academic year may reduce the amount of financial aid eligibility remaining for the Study Abroad program.

Also, it is imperative the student make note of all pertinent deadline dates, return all requested forms immediately and be on time for the scheduled appointment with the Financial Aid Counselor;  this is necessary in order to allow ample time to process the student’s financial aid award(s) prior to the student’s departure.