MSU Texas has a few options for students wanting to spend more than a few weeks abroad. If you are interested in spending the Spring semester abroad, please stop by the Global Education Office to discuss your options.  

Valencia, Spain

The main option for semester long study abroad is Spain. Students can travel to Valencia Spain, where they will complete a hybrid program of Spanish language instruction while completing a few MSU online courses. By completing this hybrid option, students are still considered MSU students during that term and all standard financial aid can be used.  

Trier, Germany

Students of the Dillard College of Business also have the option to spend a semester in Trier Germany. Students who choose to study in Trier will take 12 - 15 credits worth of classes at the Trier University of Applied Sciences.


This semester long option runs from March 20th to July 31st.

The Cost

Students will pay their normal MSU tuition and fees for this semester long option. 


Students have the option of on campus housing at the university. On campus housing options range from 240 - 340 € per month, depending on the housing option you choose. 


Roundtrip airfare is included at no additional cost for this trip. 


If you have a GPA of 2.5 or above, you are eligible for the Global Education office scholarship of $725. The Dillard College of Business will also provide a $750 scholarship for students going to Trier. Additional scholarship and financial aid options might be available to you. Set up an appointment to find out about all scholarship and financial options you have!

How to Apply

Complete the Trier, Germany study abroad application and submit a $250 deposit to the Global Education Office.