The practice of Dr. Keith Williamson is announcing its closure as of 12/8/2023. Patients needing
assistance in locating another physician should contact their health insurer, the local medical society at
940-882-1925, or the local hospital website ( ). With written
patient authorization, a copy of the medical record will be available at the Vinson Health Center during
office hours until December 31, 2023. Subsequently, Redwine Wellness Center will assist in obtaining a
copy of the records; contact at 940-397-4466

The records release from can be accessed through the following web address:
Medical Release Form

State law requires Texas college students under the age of 22 to receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis (a quadrivalent or conjugate that covers strains A, C, W, and Y is required). The vaccine must be administered within the past five years and at least 10 days before the first day of classes.

Please visit the Admissions Bacterial Meningitis webpage for more information.