Classroom Emergency Preparedness Posters

This poster was created for your classroom to provide helpful emergency information on how to report an emergency, what to do in a fire evacuation, severe weather directives, and active shooter events. Print and post this poster in letter size or tabloid size as needed.

One Pager 

Emergency Prep Letter Size | PDF

Emergency Preparedness Flipbook Guide

Use the Faculty Emergency Preparedness Guide to assist you in knowing your role as an instructor during an emergency, as well as what to do with your class during these emergencies: Active Shooter, Shelter-in-Place, Evacuation, etc. 

Flipbook Page

 Emergency Response Guide | PDF

Syllabus Insert

Please include this Syllabus Insert for each of your classes. This document will help your students be prepared for a variety of emergencies on campus. Be sure to fill out the blanks specific to each classroom/building you use. If you have questions about completing the syllabus insert, please go to our FAQs page.

Syllabus Insert

 Syllabus Insert for Emergency Preparedness Information | PDF