Understand Hazardous Materials Incident:

There are many types of hazardous agents like vapors, aerosols, liquids, and solids that have toxic effects on people, animals, or plants. When these agents are released, either intentionally or unintentionally, it is called a Hazardous Materials Incident or Hazmat Incident.

Facts About Hazardous Materials
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Avoid the area of the incident Can happen anytime

Actions for a Hazardous Materials Incident: 
Before Hazmat Incident:

Stay Informed: Continue to listen to local news and emergency management personnel to stay updated about the incident.

Sign up for MSUAlert: The number way to receive an emergency alert from MSU Texas is through an MSU Alert. Visit MSU Alert for more information on how to sign up and keep your information up to date.

Download MSU Safety App: Safety starts with you! Download the MSU Texas Safety app available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app lets you access critical information right in your hand when it matters most.

Shelter-In-Place: Be prepared to shelter in place, if ordered to do so by university officials. Prior to an incident, identify a room where you could take shelter. The room should be above ground, large enough to accommodate extra people, and have the fewest exterior windows and doors possible.

During a Hazmat Incident
Hazardous Materials Spill: On Campus

Know the locations of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for products used in your departments and work areas.

STOP the source and spread if small, and you are qualified to do so. Don’t endanger yourself. If possible, stop the source of the spill (e.g. shut valve, shut off ventilation, shut off all ignition sources in the immediate area.) Do not attempt to clean.

Notify others in the area. Call on-site leadership and MSU PD at (940) 367-4239

Isolate the area. Keep others away from the spill (e.g. rope off the spill site, divert flow from a catch basin or drain using spill response equipment.)

Stand by in a safe area to assist spill responders.

Follow instructions given by emergency personnel for shelter-in-place or evacuation.

If possible, note any characteristics about the material, for example, name, order, color, physical

Hazardous Materials Spill: Personal Efforts

Appropriate parties will notify MSU PD of the Hazardous Materials Spill Near Campus, and a decision will be made to either shelter in place or evacuate. Once a decision is made, then an MSU Alert will be issued.

If you are:  Then 
Asked to evacuate 
  • Do so immediately. Follow the Campus Evacuation Guide.  
  • Say informed on evacuation routes, temp shelters, and procedures. 
Caught outside
  • Stay upstream, uphill, and upwind. In general, try to go at least a half-mile from the danger area.
  • Do not walk, touch, or inhale any spilled agents. If possible, cover the month with a cloth or mask while leaving the area
In a Car
  • Stop and seek shelter in a permanent building.
Asked to Shelter-In -Place
  • Bring pets inside. 
  • Close and lock all exterior doors and windows. Close vents, fireplaces, dampers, and as many interior doors as possible. 
  • Turn off air conditioners and ventilation system. 
  • Seal gaps under and around doorways, windows, AC units, vents, and exhaust fans, with a wet towel, plastic sheeting, duct tape. 
After a Hazmat Incident

Stay Informed: Continue to listen to local news and emergency management officials to stay updated about the incident

Return: Only return to location when I thought he say it is safe to do so. Open windows and vents and turn fans provide ventilation.

Contaminated: Do not drink, eat, or use any contaminated food, beverages, wash clothing, towels, or anything else that could have been exposed.

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