1. What is the MSU Campus Card?

 The MSU Campus Card is the official identification card of Midwestern State University. Just one card allows access to a variety of campus options such as access to University Housing facilities, the Redwine Student Wellness Center, Moffett Library, computer labs and campus events. The Campus card is also used for students and employees with an MSU Texas meal plan.

2. Where do I get my Campus Card?

 Campus Cards are issued at the Clark Student Center information Desk, room 116. A person must show a government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license, state issued identification card, military ID, passport,etc). before a new Campus card can be issued. 


3. Is my student ID number on the card?

 No student ID numbers (also known as campus - wide ID numbers) are not listed on the Campus card for security reasons. 


4. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

 If your Campus Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact the Clark Student Center at 940-397-4223 (940-397-4239 after hours) so your card can be deactivated.


5. How can I replace a lost, stolen or damaged card?

 Visit the Clark Student Center information Desk room 116 to replace your Campus Card. A replacement fee of $20 exists for all lost, stolen or damaged cards. Replacement fees can be paid with cash, check or credit card.


6. When is my card active?

The Campus Card is active while a student is enrolled in classes at MSU Texas. The card privileges activate at the start of a semester. For students who depart or withdraw from the University, the card deactivates after the time of departure or withdrawal. Students who continue to enroll in classes from Fall to Spring do not experience a disruption in accessing services using their Campus Card, with the exception of University housing, where access corresponds to the housing contract start and end dates.