Membership in Greek organizations offers students many opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Greek organizations not only provide training in the principles of leadership, they are laboratories in which these principles can be tested. Each member is actively involved in decision-making processes, teaching and encouraging students to utilize their leadership talents in the chapters and on campus. Greeks are leaders on many major campus organizations at MSU.


Brotherhood and Sisterhood


For many individuals, the most important component of Greek life is the lifelong friendships. The fact that members call themselves "sister" and "brother" demonstrates the sense of family that the groups provide. In this often overwhelming university environment, Greek women and men find that a sorority or fraternity offers a place to be comfortable and at home.


Community Service


Community service is an important aspect of Greek life. Participation in community service builds character through the realization of the needs of others. Greek organizations individually and collectively are involved in activities such as tutoring children, organizing fund raising events and competitions, conducting community and a variety of other philanthropic activities.



Academic Support


A major goal of Greek life is to encourage and assist members in attaining their academic potential. Each Greek organization offers academic support programs including national and local scholarships and grants, incentives and awards, study skills workshops, tutoring programs, established study sessions, and grade point requirements.


Alumni Networking


Greek organizations maintain active alumni relations programs that offer possibilities for career networking and mentoring. Many groups have active alumni/graduate chapters providing opportunities for continued involvement.


Social and Recreational Involvement


Many of your fondest college memories will be developed through social interaction. Greek organizations provide the chance to make new friends and have fun. Examples of activities include chapter retreats, fraternity/sorority exchanges, all-Greek events, formal dances, winter and spring break trips, parents’ weekends, and Homecoming. Most groups also field intramural teams, including football, basketball, soccer, softball and a variety of other sports.