The MSU Texas Office of Advancement (“Advancement Office”) is responsible for overseeing the development process, including the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of sources of support for the university, as well as the acknowledgment and documentation of this support. All efforts to raise funding from private sources, including corporations, foundations, and individuals, must be coordinated with the Advancement Office.

The university and its staff do not provide legal, accounting, tax, or other advice to prospective donors. In all cases, donors wishing to make a gift to the university should consult with their tax advisor to ensure that the terms of the gift conform to Internal Revenue Service regulations regarding tax-deductible charitable donations.

Fundraising Guidelines

Raising Money

Anyone seeking to approach potential funding sources must speak to Garrett Holland, Director of Annual and Leadership Giving prior to initiation of a written request for mailing list approval. This office will assess the timing and appropriateness of the solicitation, as well as which dean, department chair, or supervisor to contact to make certain that the request has received approval (when warranted) at the appropriate level.

Receiving Gifts/Donations

All gifts, donations, and grant information must be sent to Jessica Joplin, Assistant Director of Advancement Services (Hardin 201A), as soon as they are received. They will be deposited, receipted, and entered into the University’s gift database.

Receiving Gifts-in-kind

Gifts-in-kind have to be accepted (on the University’s behalf) by Rhonda McClung, Interim Vice President for University Advancement. After approval, Jessica will process the gifts-in-kind to credit the proper department.

Seeking Sponsorships

Sponsorships are financial contributions given in support of an event, activity, or project. If the company receives advertising due to the donation, the funding is not tax deductible. Simple name or logo placement is not advertising. (Due to the complex nature of differentiating between a gift and a sponsorship, please seek the advice of the Advancement Office prior to any discussions or creation of materials.)

Seeking Grants

Grants that can be classified as gifts do not have any deliverables attached to the funding and would come through the Advancement Office rather than through the Business Office. These grants could include, but are not limited to, grants from private foundations or corporations. Many of these grants have restrictions on application cycles and funding opportunities. Prior to initiation of a grant request, please contact the Advancement Office to see if there is an active solicitation in progress


The Advancement Office does not support the use of outside crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe. MSU Texas has MustangsRaise that can be utilized by faculty, staff, clubs, and organizations to complete online giving. Unlike crowdfunding platforms, the Advancement Office does not remove any fees from online gifts, so the full amount of the gift is applied to the program, project, or organization. MSU Texas is also able to record the gift and provide a receipt for tax purposes.

Mailing List Procedure

Please follow the steps below to receive your mailing list
Step 1 - Determine your target audience
The first step in setting goals is to identify your target audience. Your target audience is the group of people who are most likely to support your cause, attend your event, etc. 
Step 2 - Consult with the advancement office
Anyone seeking to approach potential funding sources (if not, skip to step 3) must speak to Garrett Holland, Director of Annual and Leadership Giving prior to initiation of a written request for mailing list approval.
Step 3 - Submit a mailing list request

Initiate a written request for a mailing list from Jessica Joplin. The Advancement office routinely updates addresses and conducts daily obituary searches to ensure we have the most accurate information for donors/alumni possible.

For Supervisor Signature: Data Request (Supervisor's Signature)
Step 4 - Email your final mailing list back to advancement
After a solicitation is sent out, you must submit your list back to Jessica Joplin so the appeal can be recorded on constituent records.