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Psychology is one the most popular and exciting majors nationwide!  At MSU Texas, the Psychology Department awards more degrees than any other department in the college. 

If you are interested in human behavior, in understanding the why's and how's of what people do, then Psychology may be the perfect major for you!  Psychologists answer a broad range of questions across a variety of areas.  Below are examples of just a few of these areas and some of the questions addressed in each:

  1. Clinical Psychology - What is mental illness?  How do we alleviate symptoms of mental illness?

  2. Social Psychology - What influences do stereotypes have on our relationships? 

  3. Organizational Psychology - How do we motivate people to work more effectively?

  4. Neuropsychology - How is behavior affected by anatomy? neurochemistry?

At the undergraduate level, students may obtain a major in Psychology while obtaining either a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).  Both degrees provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to either pursue a graduate degree or to enter the workforce!

Students may also minor in psychology by completing the requirements for either the general psychology minor or for the Organizational Psychology Minor.  Either minor allows students to gain skills and knowledge intended to supplement their experiences within their majors.

At the graduate level, we offer a Master's of Arts degree in Clinical/Counseling Psychology preparing students for licensed clinical work or to launch students into doctoral studies.

If you are currently majoring or minoring in psychology, we are thrilled to have you and pledge to do everything we can to help you take your next steps!  If you are considering a change, there is definitely a place for you!  Please stop by and talk with any of us.  We can answer questions and help facilitate your transition into the program!

Six full-time faculty members, all of whom have earned doctorates in their respective fields of expertise (e.g. experimental, clinical, and counseling psychology) teach in the psychology department. These individuals are committed to helping students both in and outside the classroom to succeed in their academic careers. In addition, most courses offered by our department are taught by full-time faculty, assuring that qualified, experienced individuals are teaching freshman level through graduate level courses. The majority of students complete their degrees in four years; however, this may vary due to differences in students' experiences.

Our Faculty & Staff

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Dr David Carlston

Department Chair


Dr Michael Vandehey

Grad. Coordinator


Dr George Diekhoff



Dr Paul Guthrie

Associate Professor

    Dr. Nicholas Maxwell

 Dr. Nicholas Maxwell

   Assistant Professor



Dottie Westbrook

Academic Advisor



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Jeanette Perry

 Academic Recruitment Specialist