MSU's department of Geological and Environmental Science

The Kimbell School of Geosciences is the home to Midwestern State University's undergraduate program in Environmental Science and its undergraduate and M.S. program in solid-earth and surface geoscience, fostering education and novel research in these fields.

Meeting Today's Challenges in Energy, Environment, and Earth Processes

The near future will see society’s dependency on the Earth evolve, beginning with its need for resources: water, soil, fossil fuel, and mineral ores. Obtaining new sources of energy and material necessitates exploration. Existing resources need to be evaluated, maintained, and restored. Waste products require long-term sequestration. Ecosystem interactions need to be evaluated, and the potential for natural and man-made hazards must be assessed. This provides for a number of exciting opportunities for modern Earth scientists as explorers, evaluators, and managers.

The Kimbell School of Geosciences at Midwestern State University provides students with  educational opportunities that prepares them for employment and further education. Courses incorporate the latest technology, information, and research techniques, and provide practical field experience along with classroom instruction. Our graduates pursue vocations in water resource management, environmental assessment and consultation, mining, petroleum production/exploration, fundamental research, and education. Armed with a rigorous understanding of our planet’s materials and processes, geoscientists from MSU Texas are able to provide and maintain these resources while expanding our view into the planet.


Mission Statement:

The Geosciences Program provides students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for a variety of employment opportunities as well as graduate school. Degrees incorporate field and classroom experience, with courses that offer the most current technology, information, and research techniques available. Students graduate with skills that enable them to utilize equipment, think critically, and interact effectively.

Software for our computing facilities has been generously donated by Schlumberger and IHS.  The software available includes Schlumberger Petrel for geological modeling, Schlumberger Eclipse for dynamic reservoir simulation, IHS Petra for mapping, cross sections, well log plotting, and volumetric calculations, and IHS Kingdom Suite for seismic interpretation.