Signing Up for Study Abroad

I know I want to study abroad, but I am not sure what program is right for me. What should I do?

Answer: Due to the variety of study abroad programs, almost every major at MSU Texas can participate in study abroad. To find out which program is right for you, please review each of the programs on our website, and setup an advising appointment with the Global Education Office (GEO) staff.

I know which program I want to participate in, how do I sign up?

Answer: Once you know which program is right for you, we encourage you to talk with the Global Education Office (GEO) staff and then to sign up and pay your deposit as soon as your able. Since some of our programs do have capacity limits, all applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, assuming the student is eligible for the program. The signup links for both the applications and deposits are on the study abroad websites under each program.


When are applications accepted for study abroad?

Answer: The application cycle for our summer study abroad programs run from September 1-March 1. If you are interested in a semester long program, consult the GEO staff to learn about accelerated application deadlines.

How much is the initial deposit and is it refundable?

Answer: The study abroad application is $250, and it is non-refundable except in the case that the Global Education Office cancels your class/program. That deposit goes towards the remaining balance of your program fee.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate?

Answer: Each class/program is unique, and may or may not have prerequisite courses before you can sign up. Please consult the Global Education Office staff for more information. It is required that all MSU students be in good academic standing at the time of travel, and not have any major disciplinary cases against them while at MSU.

I do not currently have a passport. How do I apply for one?

Answer: All passports must be ordered through the US Department of State. Appointments for passport applications can be processed through the Wichita Falls Downtown Post Office, and Wichita County offices. They are also available in different counties around the country. Appointments are usually necessary. More information may be available at and clicking the international tab.
Financial Aid and Finances

I really want to study abroad, but I am not sure I can afford it. Are scholarships available?

Answer: Yes! Every MSU student with at least a 2.5 GPA is eligible for a scholarship from the study abroad office. Additionally, many academic colleges and departments have scholarships for certain programs, and Honors students qualify for special scholarships from the Honors program. Come talk to the Global Education Office staff for more information about potential scholarships.

Once I have paid my deposit, when is the program balance due?

Answer: All balances are due by May 1 for the summer programs. If you are using financial aid to help cover the costs of the program, financial aid can be used to pay your May 1 program fee by using a small bridge loan from the MSU Business Office. If you are going on a semester long program, please consult the Global Education Office for the due date of each specific program.

Can I make payments towards my final balance?

Answer: Yes. Payments can be made on the study abroad website by clicking “Pay Balance” on your appropriate program website. It is important that you make the payment for your program on the appropriate page. For instance, if you are going on the London program, please make sure to use the London page when making payments. Every time you make a payment, GEO staff will send you an updated record with your remaining balance. For summer programs, it is expected that the full balance be paid by May 1. For semester long programs, please consult the Global Education Office for payment information.


Once I am in the study abroad country, how do I access money while abroad?

Answer: There are many ways to get local currency for your trip, but the easiest is to verify that your bank allows for international withdrawals, and then just use a local ATM just like in the US. When using a local ATM, you often receive a better exchange rate than when you change money at the airport or other money exchange locations. 

About the Programs

I have heard that study abroad can be intimidating. Am I really in a foreign country by myself?

Answer: No. On all of our shorter-term summer programs, you will be with other MSU Texas students and all programs have at least one full time faculty member with the program.

Do I need to purchase airline tickets?

Answer: No. All airfare is part of the package price and will be purchased by MSU unless explicit permission has been received from the Global Education Office staff.

Will I be traveling with a group for my departure and return flight?

Answer: Yes. In almost every circumstance, students are traveling as a group, with the other students and faculty member to and from the country. While students are expected to get themselves to the departure airport (for example, DFW), the program will arrange for pickup from the study abroad airport and transport back to the study abroad campus.

When I am in the country, what will my daily schedule be like?

Answer: Every program is different, but broad schedules can be found on the study abroad website. Since these are very experiential programs, the schedule can sometimes vary. Please discuss your program specifics with the Global Education Office staff.