When you live on campus, your safety and security is our top priority.  We have a number of safety measures in place throughout campus housing but recognize that safety is a shared responsibility.  In addition to campus-wide safety initiatives, here are the supplemental efforts provided in our on-campus communities:

Front Desk Operations

Information desks are located in Sundance Court and each of our residence halls near building entrances.  An additional 24-hour desk operation is located in the Legacy Hall Market Street Learning Commons. 

Security Cameras

Residence Life & Housing has a number of security cameras at each of our community entrances, exits, elevators, and more. 

Card Swipe Access

In addition to keeping bedroom and apartment doors locked, students must swipe into their building to gain access as a second layer of security.

Staff Rounds

During the week, staff members on call conduct a minimum of three nightly security rounds during their shift.  These rounds include a general safety walk throughout the community.  On weekends, we supplement safety walks with additional sets of rounds by both our building staff and our Night Assistant team.  

24/7/365:  We Live Here Too!

A team of live-in staff members—from student to graduate staff and full-time staff—is available in each community and is on-call 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our staff is always available and equipped to help students through any number of issues including personal and maintenance emergencies.  Residence Life & Housing staff are also trained to summon police, fire, medical, and maintenance assistance when needed. 

Prepped & Ready

Residential facilities are equipped with fire safety equipment including monitored fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, and smoke detectors and/or heat sensors.  Staff members have been trained on protocols for handling a wide range of emergencies.  

Safety is a Shared Responsibility!

As a member of a community, we need safety to be everyone’s priority.  Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Report any concerns to your RA immediately. If something doesn't seem right, speak up.  If you see something, say something.
  • Always lock your door no matter how long you’ll be away from your living area.
  • Before opening your door to a stranger, confirm who is at your door. Residence Life & Housing staff will have appropriate identification or uniforms.
  • Don’t prop open doors or let people you don’t know “tailgate” into your building.
  • Be responsible for your guests and their behavior while they’re visiting the community.
  • Remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings.