Campus Residency Policy

The campus residency policy is based on the knowledge that living in university housing can provide both educational and social opportunities important to the success of college students.  All students enrolling at Midwestern State University are required to live in university housing unless they:

  1. Are living in the home of their parents or legal guardian within 60 miles of the campus and commuting to class;
  2. Are married and living with their spouse;
  3. Have accumulated 60 semester hours of college academic credit prior to the first day of classes for the housing agreement period. Hours achieved while in high school are counted (e.g. concurrent or dual credit);
  4. Have reached the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes for the housing agreement period;
  5. Are part-time students enrolled in 11 hours or less for the fall or spring semester.

Students enrolled in courses and required to reside on campus but who have not signed up for campus housing may be assessed the semi-private semester room rate for Killingsworth or Pierce Hall.


In unusual circumstances, the Director of Residence Life & Housing may grant exceptions to the Housing Policy. Interested students should contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing to obtain the required forms and/or to request further information regarding exemptions to the Housing Policy. During the time an exemption request is under review, the student remains obligated to live in University Housing. Deadlines for housing policy exemption requests are as follows:

Fall Semester: June 1st
Spring Semester: December 15th
Summer Semester: May 1st

Exemption requests will not be taken after the deadline. Students may request an exemption form by emailing